'I'm not afraid of the dark. It's streetlights I don't like...'

The Story


Tim's in trouble - big trouble.  He's missing his dad, who walked out on him and his mum, he's being bullied at school, and his new dog has just run away from him. Desperately hunting for Chips in the old graveyard as dusk falls, the last thing on Tim's mind is ghosts...

About Twisted Winter

Edited by Catherine Butler

This sinister collection of short stories encapsulates everything human beings fear about the dark half of the year. A Halloween costume party attracts uninvited guests; the long evenings bring out creatures from the deepest darkness; a perfect snowfall brings pure terror. Featuring stories by Susan Cooper, Katherine Langrish, Liz Williams, Frances Hardinge, Frances Thomas, Rhiannon Lassiter and Catherine Butler. Prepare to be scared!

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