West of the Moon


The omnibus Troll trilogy: all three titles in one volume, slightly abridged.

Alone after his father's death, Peer Ulfsson struggles for survival.  Then he meets beautiful, adventurous Hilde and the pair form a bond that cannot be broken. With the help of Peer's faithful dog Loki and the irrepressible but unreliable little household spirit, the Nis, they battle natural and supernatural enemies, till one day a Viking ship arrives at their small village, and they learn of the land that lies 'east of the sun and west of the moon'. Longing for more adventures, they set sail together for this not-quite-legendary country.  But on board they hear whispers of murder and ghosts. Is Gunnar One-Hand, the captain, going mad? Can Peer avoid fighting the quarrelsome and dangerous Harald Silkenhair?  And what icy-hearted evil awaits them in the new land?




A captivating world

'A marvellous, magical adventure...

Langrish's power to locate her story in the reader's imagination is reminiscent of Alan Garner.

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