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Daughters of Time

My story 'All Shall Be Well', about Lady Julian of Norwich - the first woman known to have written a book in English - appears in 'Daughters of Time', (Templar 2014) a collection of stories written by members of The History Girls about remarkable women in British history, from Boudica to the protestors at Greenham Common. It's aimed at readers of 9+

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Read 'Visiting Nelson'

In 'After'(Datlow/Windling ed.) Hyperion 2012.

A YA anthology of 19 post-apocalyptic short stories by well-known fantasy and science fiction authors.

Hundreds of years in the future, two brothers visit the ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral in a lawless, flooded London ruled by gangs and roamed by the mysterious ‘Hairies’.

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"I’m not afraid of the dark. It’s streetlights I don’t like, especially those glaring orange sodium lights. Have you noticed how strange they make people look, on the street at night? How their faces go pale and bloodless, and their clothes go a dark, dirty grey, no matter what colour they really are? Have you noticed how hard it is even to see people properly – because the streetlights make everything the same no-colour, as if they aren’t really there at all, just moving shadows?" The beginning of my ghost story 'Dark', published in 'Twisted Winter' (Catherine Butler ed.) A & C Black, October 2013


Published by Franklin Watts/Edge, November 2011.

"Books children want to read, books children can read."

A mermaid story – not pink, not sparkly – a new take on Matthew Arnold’s romantically beautiful poem ‘The Forsaken Merman’:

Here came a mortal,

But faithless was she:

She left lonely for ever

The kings of the sea…

Mara’s mother is missing, her little brother is sick, maybe dying, her father is grieving. It all seems hopeless – until Mara sets out on a life or death journey to bring her mother home.

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Dark Angels/Shadow Hunt


‘Langrish's power to locate her story in the reader's imagination is reminiscent of Alan Garner.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Langrish is a first-rate storyteller’ - Amanda Craig, The Times.